"We have used Kallie Transportation Services with confidence since 2001.  We feel we have a true partner in KTS--a partner who cares as much about our business as theirs.  Lake Cable prides itself on quality work, quality service, and putting the customer first.  It’s nice to find partners like KTS who share those beliefs.

KTS trucks are always clean and in good repair – no worries of preventable breakdowns causing delays or dirty trucks tarnishing our image or our product.  We can count on pickups and deliveries being on time and, in the rare occurrence when unforeseen circumstances cause a delay, we can count on timely communication from KTS – no surprises.  Drivers and office staff are always professional and courteous and willing to go above and beyond – whatever it takes to make sure the job is done and done well.

 KTS provides quality service and is run with integrity.  We plan to maintain our partnership with them for many years to come."

William Runzel
Lake Cable, LLC

"I have been in Brokerage and Transportation for over 15 Years and never have dealt with such a fine company as Kallie Transportation.

Every time I have a load I call them first. If they can do the load I can feel that I'm done with it, because they keep you updated until the load is delivered. If they cannot do the load they will tell you NO from the start, instead of dragging you on and then at the end of the day you get stuck with the load.

Thank You for the Fantastic Job!!"

Joe Gonzalez
Logistics Manager
Lake Cable, LLC
  "We have been using Kallie Transportion Services since 2011. They have continued to provide us with outstanding customer service year after year. We can always count on them for clear communication, fair rates, and timely services on every load. Using KTS as daily carrier is an absolute no-brainer, we hope to continue this relationship for many years to come as they simply are the best."  

Mike Ewing
Logistics Coordinator
  "Kallie Transportation provides incredible service without fail!  I can always count on them for high priority shipments that need to be on time!"

Corey Stein
Trek Freight Services LLC
  "Everyone at Kallie does such a great job on all the loads that are hauled for us.  It is an absolute pleasure dealing with them and the service that has been provided is the BEST we have had in a long time on this lane.  If everyone in the industry worked like them it certainly would make life a lot easier for everyone else!!!  I never have to worry about a load once we talk and it is set it up for me.

Keep up the GREAT JOB!!!"

Mike Mackowiak
Bronco Logisitics

  "I have been working with KTS for quite some time now. I know I can count on them to deliver the service I require for my freight." 

Hans Monroy
Customer Sales Representative